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            Integrated Solution For Lyophilization Production

            Production process isessential to sterile lyophilized preparations. The design, manufacture, verification, operation and maintenance of the equipments are affect the drugquality significantly. With more than 10 years of user proof, TRUKING Integrated Solution For Lyophilization Production (ISFLP) has been well accepted and widely used in the sterile preparations(such as vial, ampoule, and prefilled syringe etc),  API, cosmetics, food andhealth care products, etc.

            With obvious advantages, TRUKING ISFLP greatly improves the aseptic assurance levelin production, minimizes the risk on quality control focuses on improving thesafety, efficiency and economization of production. Leading the production tobe cycle controllable and verifiable, to instead the traditional empirical.

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            Integrated Solution For Ampoule Production

            TRUKING Integrated Solution For Ampoule Production(ISFAP)applies to fully automated and informatized production. To provide a closed loop manufacturing process for API and packaging materials etc. starting from warehouse, passing through complete processing and become into products, then return to product warehouse. With all on-line processing, minimized interventions and simplest operation TRUKING ISFAP improved the efficiency and safety production of ampoule products.

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            Integrated Solution For Pre-Filled Syringe Production

            TRUKING Integrated Solution For Pre-Filled Syringe Production is composed of formulation system, de-packing machine, filling system, transport system de-nest machine, auto inspection machine, rod insertion and labeling machine and packing machines. To realized high-efficiency, high-quality and high safety of pre-filled syringe production with features ofenergy-efficient, automation, and informatization of the core equipments.

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            Integrated Solution For BFS Production

            TRUKING Integrated Solution For BFS Production is composed of BFS core equipment, formulation system, sterilization and logistic system, inspection and leak detection system, packing system and centralized controland scheduling system. To realized high-efficiency, high-quality and highsafety of BFS production with features of energy-efficient, automation, and informatization of the core equipments.

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            Integrated Solution For IV Softbag Production

            TRUKING Integrated Solution For IV Softbag Production iscomposed of formulation system, IV softbag FFS machine, sterilization and logistic system, inspection system, packing system and centralized control and scheduling system. To realized high-efficiency, high-quality and high safety of IV softbag production with features of energy-efficient, automation, and informatization of the core equipments.

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            Integrated Solution for Oral Liquid Production

            Oral liquid products are made by a process of active ingredients extraction, formulation, liquid filling and packing. As an integrated machinery solution supplier, TRUKING provides full lifecycle projects service which starts from conceptual design till project implementation, site installation and commissioning and validation.

            TRUKING Integrated Solution for Oral Liquid Production (ISFOLP) is composed of 5 core modules: digital extraction workshop, automated preparation workshop, robotic packaging workshop, raw and auxiliary materials three-dimensional warehouse and logistics system, information and data center. To realize the whole process interconnection and efficient collaboration by utilizing the technologies of automation, information and IoT. Equipment, control system, hardware & software are integrated into one big data platform for high efficiency, high quality, high security and green operation of the whole workshop.

          Online real-time control of TRUKING dynamics
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